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Social Activities

Social Activities and Events

SJC has a very active Social Committee who work hard to plan an array of social events for all age groups. We have temple events for all the holidays including, but not limited to the annual Hanukah Party, Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, International Holocaust Remembrance Day "Yom Hashoah," Purim Party, Passover, and milestone anniversary dates for SJC.


Every August is our Annual Temple Picnic which is a favorite among Congregants and their children. 


Yoga for Seniors is a weekly program during the winter months (January – April).  Funds for the program was provided by a grant from the Carolina Foundation for Jewish Seniors (CFJS).


Catered meals can be sent to members in need, e.g., sick, recently had a loss.  Fundings for catered meals was also provided by a grant from the Carolina Foundation for Jewish Seniors (CFJS).

Museum Group.jpg

SJC members enjoyed a private tour of the Judaic Art Gallery at the North Carolina Museum of Art, one of only two general art museums in the country with a permanent gallery devoted to Jewish ceremonial art.  Many objects displayed date back to the 18th Century and several survived the Holocaust.  The trip was underwritten by the Ralph Jacobson Education Fund.  The Temple's Social Committee actively plans cultural, educational and social events throughout the year.

Shabbat and Festivals Lamp - 1793

Torah Case with Finials & Pointer - circa 1860 or earlier



Interfaith Thanksgiving.jpg

Interfaith Thanksgiving


Noel Izon Lecture


The Social Committee works diligently on its Sunday Lecture Brunch Series.  Some of our featured guests have included New York based actress Susan Stein performing her play, Etty which was based on the diary of Etty Hillseum who lived in Amsterdam during Nazi occupation.  Emory Law Professor and Rabbi, Michael Broyde spoke about cases that were adjudicated in the Bet Din when he served as a Member on the Jewish Court.  We learned about researching genealogy from Deborah Long, founder of the Triangle Jewish Genealogical Society when she gave a fascinating talk about how she researched her parents' ancestry, both of whom were survivors of the Holocaust. We showed an award-winning documentary, "Open Door" a film about 1,200 European Jews that found refuge from the Holocaust in the Philippines and met the filmmaker, Noel Izon. We have hosted various talented singers and musicians.  Our Social Committee is committed to bringing diverse programs that will appeal to everyone.

Social Committee Organized Events

In addition to our Book Club and occasional movie night, the Social Committee has organized Poker Nights, Square Dancing parties, and Trivia Contests to celebrate Purim. Cooking with Carol, is another popular event for adults and children.  Many of the events are open to guests of the congregation.






Cooking with Carol is another favorite for adults and children.


Many of these events are open to guests of the Congregation.

Cooking with Carol

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